Couples Therapy


Couples therapy is a psychological method to help partners in relationships resolve their conflicts. If the problems are stuck, the fronts are hardened and the mutual understanding of the partners suffer from each other, couple therapy can help to untie the knot. It is not my job as a couple therapist to take sides, but I would like to lead the partners back to an open and appreciative communication.

Everyday life, stress, bringing up children, illnesses in the social surrounding, etc. can cool down a living relationship. As an outside third party, I can offer you ways to clarify things, perceive better and appreciate your partner and try to get the relationship back on the right track as a team.

It is important for me that it is not only just about discussions, but also you work actively with one another.

In addition to conversations, my “couple therapeutic tool kit” offers various methods that help you “understand” the situation and “work on it”. I use scientifically proved interventions that have helped many couples all over the world.

Do you dare! Take it on! Together we can make a difference!

„When you pull us out of our desires suffering arises.“

Henri Stendhal (1783 - 1842), French Writer, military, and politician