Fees & Payment


An hour-long session will cost 95 €. Couple therapy (2 people) will cost 150 € for 90 minutes.

Since, I almost exclusively work with the private patients in my clinic, if you are insured as a private patient then you are required to make an enquiry with your health insurance company in advance to cover the costs.

Statutory insured persons can also apply for the costs to be covered. I shall be happy to help you with this.


First informative session will cost half the fee (50 €, - or 80 €).

Appointments that were not canceled by e-mail 24- hours before the start of the session will be fully charged. I ask for your understanding.

The fees for courses and events can be found here.

You can pay the fee on the spot either by cash payment or with all common EC (debit) and credit cards.

For online consultation you will receive an invoice in advance by e-mail, which you have to pay up to 1 day before the appointment.