Psychology in Palliative Care


The certainty of a life-limiting (palliative) diagnosis is a psychological challenge for patients and their entire social circle. The expected remaining lifespan can certainly be predicted with years, and yet it is important to come to terms with death and dying from the first day of diagnosis.

Psychology in palliative care can offer instruments and interventions that enable “more days to live”. Accompanying people on this path in an appreciative, attentive, and supportive manner is a very fulfilling task for me.

The type of support will be directly discussed and crafted according to your individual needs.

This can be:

  • Accompanying you to deal with the remaining life
  • Looking back at life so far
  • Coping with anxiety and worries
  • Talking with the caregiver, relatives, or friends
  • Re-emergence of war or flight experiences during the disease will be addressed
  • Learning resource-strengthening methods to calm down
  • Active care (talks, sitting guards) of the patient, for your relief
  • Including stroll together