Psychological Specialist Practice


The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can change their lives while changing their attitude. 
William James


Psycho Oncology

The diagnosis of cancer mentally challenges patients and their loved ones. Let´s talk about what bothers you!


Psychology of palliative care

Professional support in dealing with a life-limiting diagnosis can be helpful for all parties. I am here for you!


Grief Work

Grieving time for human beings is individual and multifaceted. I want to support you in order to meet the challenges!


Couple Therapy

Talking about the pitfalls of a relationship in a relaxed atmosphere may help to change perspectives.Let's make a difference together!


Sexual Therapy

To approach your own sexuality in a protected and neutral atmosphere may help you to live a fulfilling life. Let´s go this way!


Stress Management

We are living in a fast and demanding time. Learn to protect yourself and deal in a healthy way with your resources. It's easier to do it together!


Sport Psychology

Performance improvement, motivation and goal orientation are also a matter of mental attitude and capacity. Together we can achieve a lot!


Online Consultation

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