Psycho Oncology




new cancer diagnosis in Germany each year

(Quelle: Robert-Koch-Institut, 2016)


50 %

need psycho oncological help after diagnosis


50 %

need psycho oncological help during treatment


20 %

need psycho oncological help during after-care

(Quelle: Patientenbefragung)

Psycho-oncological care offers can be a helpful lifeline in difficult times. Thanks to my well-founded certification as a psycho-oncologist, I can help you to understand and manage the cancer disease. Through supportive measures, I can help to improve and maintain the quality of life of patients and their families/beloved ones.

The cancer diagnosis can trigger a feeling of mental stress, fear of the potential threat, grief, anger, and helplessness. This is a completely normal human reaction and does not constitute a mental illness. It is not uncommon to question “Why me?” To be answered with stressful self-reproaches. Perhaps it helps to consider psycho-oncology more like an individual seminar on the topic of “Cancer, what now?”

With the help of my psycho oncological program, fears can be overcome, self-esteem can be enhanced, and you can counteract social isolation.

Conversations, alone or with your partner, with the whole family or in groups, or targeted relaxation exercises, strengthening resources and promoting resilience (the ability to cope with a psychological crisis) are the methods with which I can assist you. In doing so, I give great importance in appreciating the individuality of each individual by offering conversations, silence, or practical work.

My work focuses on:

  • Finding your way around with the physical changes
  • Stabilize and / or improve self-esteem
  • Support relationship between doctor and patient
  • Address and solve interpersonal problems
  • Overcome social isolation
  • Develop coping strategies
  • Support relatives and friends